Product Design and Manufacturing

Whether you're exploring an idea or ready to scale your production, we can help. Our team has years of experience in rapid product development and manufacturing.

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Get Out of Your Head

The first step to a successful product is an idea. The first step that we can help with is to transform your idea into a design. Our skills span mechanical, electrical, and firmware engineering, making us a one stop shop for multi-disciplinary design.

Get Physical

Rapid prototyping is one of our strongest competencies. We leverage our deep knowledge of the manufacturing supply chain in the US and China to build your prototypes in the ideal location to suit your budget and schedule. 


Get Out There

Your manufacturing plan will make or break your company. We help you avoid the pitfalls of manufacturing in China and help you build a supply chain through rigorous application of our supplier quality verification process. In many cases, we are able to leverage existing partners and provide you with a robust and headache-free scaling process.

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